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UPM celebrates successful international eLearning carnival hosting



The teaching and learning delivery methods have gone through rapid changes, particularly during the transformation process that took place while teachers, lecturers and students were adapting to the challenges pervasive in COVID-19 pandemic. Amplified by the need to provide access to higher education, technology was embedded across curriculum, and utilised extensively in delivery methods, assessments and students’ activities. Higher education institutions in Malaysia have successfully been able to implement inclusive education initiatives to expand access to learning, such as through micro-credentials, inclusive open educational resources, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) credit transfer, blended learning and hybrid learning.

Universiti Putra Malaysia is proud to be the host for this year’s International University Carnival on e-Learning 2022 (IUCEL 2022) held between 28-30th June 2022. The Centre for Academic Development (CADe) is the secretariat for the event. The e-Learning agenda brought about by IUCEL 2022, aiming towards the transformation of capabilities, and the enhancement of digital skills in teaching and learning, brings a very significant meaning to put forth the theme: Innovating Education for a Better Tomorrow.  IUCEL 2022 does not only celebrate the achievements of the milestones of higher education, but also the school sector. In addition to that, local industries are also involved in IUCEL 2022 through various categories of awards and competitions. The virtual implementation of IUCEL 2022 through the IUCEL Town platform (based on an application called Gather Town) has also wowed practitioners, and unearthed the interests and talents of e-Learning innovators and creators.

513 submissions were received in all the categories encompassing IIDEL (354), e-Teacher (31), STEAM@School (20), Awards (108) where participants are from (9) countries and 38 institutions. 294 participants won various medals in the IUCEL 2022 competition comprising of three categories namely STEAM@School, e-Teacher and IIDEL. 10 awards have also been presented alongside all gold medal recipients in an award ceremony which has been held on 29th June 2022 at the Sama-sama Hotel, KLIA and officiated by YBhg. Dato’ Haji Megat Sany bin Megat Ahmad Supian, Deputy Secretary General (Policy), Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). IUCEL 2022 has also held several keynote speeches, workshop, industry sharing and WebTalk sessions.

A warm congratulations to all IUCEL2022 competitors and heartfelt thanks to the speakers, program moderators, panel of juries for the competitions and awards, the IUCEL2022 committee members, and everyone who has contributed for making IUCEL 2022 a success.


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Dr. Nurfadhlina is an Associate Professor in Intelligent Computing and is also currently the Deputy Director at the Centre for Academic Development (CADe) where she is in charge of the Innovation in Teaching and Learning. In her portfolio at CADe her mantra is for InnoCreative Educators to balance both conventional and technology as the important tools to deliver meaningful learning. She was also the Vice Chairperson for IUCEL 2022.

Email: nurfadhlina@upm.edu.my


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